my urolgoist gave me Tamsulosin to deal with a weak stream and long time to start my stream due to interstitial cystitis. it works great, i havent peed normally in months, and i dont have to wait minutes long in the bathroom just to start going. the downfall is that i have horrible. and i mean a horrible stuffy nose. i thought my allergies were bad, but this side effect, even if its just this one, is absolutely horrible. i cant breathe at all! i already have difficulty breathing through my nose due to injury as a kid, so i only really breathe through one nostril, but this is like torture. slept all night with my mouth open (advised to take it at night) and woke up so many times unable to breathe. how do you deal with this? am thinking to just not take it anymore.


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  • Stuntguy


    Try a natural sea salt nasal spray. I too take Tamsulosin and it worked for me. Get it from your pharmacy or on line.

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