Hi guys. Does anyone experiance constant needing to fidget?? Or constantly swaying??? You can stop it but swaying and fidget your foot 🦶 helps. Is there a way to stop it???? Is this my anxiety???

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  • Brilliox


    That's happens to me as well. Fidgeting (at least to me) is something I tend to do a lot when I'm anxious.

  • Tinyme


    my fidgeting happens most often when I have a breakthrough into a manic phase in my bipolar 2 disorder. It is quite extreme l go from laid back me to l cannot move fast enough. I get a lot done, but it also causes lack of sleep, lack of concentration. However some people are build this way, DNA. D have you talk with a doctor?

  • djjazzyjess


    I'm rarely ever still. Usually shaking a foot or tapping fingers at the least.

    • Foxhead


      perhaps you’re a natural drummer

  • BeeDandelion


    I got a fidget ring a couple months ago and it's helped a lil. I got it on Amazon

  • Austin_Brand


    I can't stop moving or I'll kind of go nuts. Even while I'm at work or church, I MUST sway or tap a foot to tap on the desk or my legs with my fingers. Even tap my fingers in the car while I'm driving 😅

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