Hey, what sorts of pain management strategies and medications do you guys use? My doctor has tried prescribing things in the NSAID family, but they don’t really do anything for me. And I can’t deal with just Tylenol and MMJ all the time.

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  • chxrryblxssom


    I wasn’t allowed medicine and have just dealt with it since, unfortunately

  • happyfacee


    I took a lot of different NSAID but over time they stopped working for me. My doctor started me on gabapentin and methocarbamol which both have helped me tremendously! Also trigger point and acupuncture really help me as well!

  • Flow


    Gabapentin has been really beneficial for the fibromyalgia aspect of my pain

  • EleniWalker


    Neurontin (Gabapentin) was very helpful when I was on it. I also have a chronic pain problem for a failed back surgery and I go to pain management for opiods but they aren't really helpful for the FM.

  • Bubbies


    Horizant (extended release gabapentin) and amitriptyline have helped a lot. I also use lidocaine roll on stuff that I can just get over the counter (it’s like icy hot but doesn’t make you smell like walking toothpaste and has lidocaine in it instead of menthol) and salon pas patches for some of the acute pain. And of course heating pads.

  • kjuliannaa


    Tramadol XR made my pain go from a constant 8 to a 3

  • Scoutie


    I like bio-freeze or ZIMs freeze cream and Voltaren ( generic Diclofenac) topical NSAID. My fibro makes all hot creams hurt more than help.

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