Just started Wellbutrin, as for side effects how bad are they, how long do they last, what were yours?


Chronic Constipation

Chronic Headache


Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Tachycardia

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  • ctrl_chaos


    i tried wellbutrin and did not notice ANY difference like zilch. that was also while i was on zoloft as well though so i’m not sure ab it on its own but for me there weren’t any noticeable differences w side effects or symptoms

  • Aedw86


    I’m taking wellbutrin xl daily and it’s been amazing for me. I was on wellbutrin for awhile and didn’t notice too much of a difference but I believe this go around it’s really helping. The side affects at first are major headaches at least for me, it was pretty brutal I’m not gonna lie. I also had lost my appetite anything I ate made me nauseous, so I ended up losing 15 pounds on it. On the one I’m on now I only had headaches at the beginning. The headaches go away after a few weeks. It’s different for everyone though.

  • Waterlemon


    i take Wellbutrin and a small dose is great for me but i went up for awhile and i was SUPER angry all of the time. like everything everyone did was the most irritating thing.

  • Amaryllis


    I take Wellbutrin in addition to Zoloft. I take it specifically for its side effects - it increases libido and can suppress appetite. Zoloft killed my libido and Wellbutrin brought it back.

  • SereneIrene


    I had dry mouth, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, hot flashes, a bit of heart race. Most of these started going away after a month for me. I lost weight for a while but now have stabilized. Libido went up for a couple months but went back to normal. Still have mild headaches a few times a month. Been on it about a year, plateaued on 300mg and went up to 450mg. Presently I feel pretty good but I’m scared to miss a dose because a big wave of depression will hit. Also can’t drink alcohol, like one sip makes me need a nap. That’s been a little rough for my social life, and having to tell all my friends and family and every new person I meet I can’t drink because I’m on antidepressants. Kinda rough on my dating life as well (yet also made me realize I’ve dated a lot folks with alcoholism). Silver lining: reducing the stigma by sharing makes me feel good, and sometimes people who I didn’t know were struggling open up to me, which is really nice. For my physical health, not drinking for a year has been a blessing in disguise. I really enjoy never having a hangover, and my friends like that I can always be their designated driver. I suspect not drinking increases the weight loss on top of the medication.

  • SereneIrene


    Forgot it also caused chronic constipation that has not really improved at all.

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