Can pelvic congestion syndrome ( may thuner syndrome ) cause low persistent back pain and bladder cramping ? Been in a lot of pain lately :(


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Pelvic congestion syndrome

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  • QueenLady


    Mine causes lower back pain, in fact I only have pain in my back and left hip/leg. No pain in my pelvis at all. I also have urgency to urinate/ fullness of the bladder- even if my bladder is empty.

    • XoxoDanielle


      oh Ohkay I mean not everyone has same symptoms . I get right sided pelvic pain groin pain abdominal pain heavyness in pelvic area and standing and moving makes pain worse

    • XoxoDanielle


      do you have PCS and MTS as well ?

      • QueenLady


        as far as I know just PCS

  • RonJohnson


    Yes! I have these symptoms as well, along with my bladder feeling generally inflamed and urgency with urination

  • WSMomma


    Me as well I've dealt with lumbar back pain hip pain inflammation flare ups in my pelvis n abdominal region looks like I'm expecting when it flares up I have most recently experienced a new symptom it was after walking around for a good period of time I had shooting radiating pain down my inner legs I have the urgency to pee at times too and only trickle Irritable bowel syndrome I struggle with either I can't go for days at a time or I can but I get massive headaches n lightheadness when pushing to go it's awful But my pelvic area has so much pressure pain when I'm swollen

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