Okay here’s a little rant: it’s been a week since I tried to overdose and kill myself. I’ve been so overwhelmed and exhausted by life and I just wanted to end it. Well I’m still here and I still never got adequate help. I got put on new meds but it feels like nothings working. It’s feels like things got worse and I’m miserable. I’m so done with hanging in there can anybody out there help me I’m so sad and I don’t even want to give up anymore because that’s too much energy as well. I just want to feel less crappy. Please someone help me. I’m begging you.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • carry.on.ames


    What can I do to help? Here are some reasons to stay: -Watching the sunset -Late night calls with your friends -Dying is permanent -You’ll never get to listen to your favorite song again Is there anything else you need?

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