About a 18 mos. ago I started getting eczema on my finger tips in one hand. It started with one finger and now has come out on others as well as the other hand. The only
Thing that changed in my diet was going from raw to pasteurized milk. I’m on zero meds. Creams only placate but offer no lasting relief.

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  • reserver


    Sounds like Dyshidroti eczema which are small blisters that appear on the palms of hand and fingers. Ive been suffering with it for 5+ years. It is usually caused by over moist hands. I usually clench my fists at night which makes them sweaty and causes flare ups. When I stopped using hand creams before bed I noticed a decrease in flare ups and the size of spots. See a doctor to get a prescription strength cortisone ointment (not cream) they are stronger for thicker skin.

  • NonGmoHuman


    I’ve tried a lot of things so far. Creams, no creams, changing vitamin regimen etc Wrapping my finger in a damp towel overnight actually helped a lot. But now I can’t wrap all the fingers that are affected and it’s In both hands. It’s only affecting my finger tips. It’s as if dryness is my enemy, not moisture. I think the cause is somehow internal or diet related. I’m hoping someone with a shared experience has some insight to possible causes.

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