How many antihistamines do you guys take a day? What kind, mgs, and how often? I don’t know if I’m taking too many.




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  • Pastel_bb


    I would recommend getting your histamine levels checked and reviewing with your provider or a naturopath to determine if a change is needed (more or less antihistamines)

  • Irena


    I take zyrtec 5mg twice a day and benadryl as needed. I’ve also taking hydroxyzine on top of those which seemed to help!

  • Kai8946


    I take two. Allegra 360 and Xyzal 10.

  • Monkey1980


    I take Zyrtec twice a day, two benedryl in the morning, montelukast, and two pepcids in the evening as a H2 blocker.

  • Pixxy


    I threw out all the prescription meds and I now only take benadryl twice a day. It was to simplify my routine since anything can trigger it I try not to introduce too many new things. But it honestly works for me....till it doesn't lol. I feel like my body is a bratty kid. Just running with sharp things here...with no spoons to speak of. If you know you know.

  • Saillea


    I'm on cromolyn 4 X's a day, Zyrtec twice a day, and famotadine twice a day and I'm still having to use as much as 8 benadryl a day too. It's just...a lot! But my Dr seems to think that is ok. Good luck hon!!

  • psw


    Ceterizine 10 MG 2-6 times a day. Benedryl stopped helping.

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