I go through so much to go outside and after being in the bed for weeks . I can’t even walk down the street without my chest starting to burn and I start sweating and of course I google it and here comes heart attack symptoms 😭😭😭

Panic Disorder

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  • mavenfox


    There's a diagnosis for people who have issues leaving their house I can't remember what it's called but the Simpsons did it they made an episode where Marge Simpsons couldn't leave her house because of a traumatic experience

  • Cece7


    I had the same thing where I couldn’t leave my house. Even going out the front door and just standing on my sidewalk was so overwhelming and I had a million symptoms. It got so bad that I was just in constant panic and the doctors had to medicate me in order for me to function at any level. I’m feeling so much better months later. Where in December I had the goal of sitting in my car for 4 min in my driveway and could barely handle that, now this past weekend I was out of my house at other locations for 10 hours and came home feeling okay. Medication truly saves lives.

  • Cece7


    And just a reminder, your symptoms sound very much like a panic attack. No need to spiral and freak out because it is very normal to feel that way when in panic. 💕 I Google my symptoms too so know that struggle as well.

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