does anybody else get extreme anxiety with cops/law enforcement? I’m constantly terrified that even if i’ve done nothing wrong, i’m in trouble. I often feel like if I tell people things (paranoia, substance issues) they will call the cops on me. I understand it’s not as much of a normal worry but it’s so terrifying

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • beingnotseeming


    Cops are dangerous and not here for the people totally understandable to have anxiety around them. ACAB.

  • OverthinkingTurtle


    Absolutely, same with me. You're not alone

  • megalodon


    I've never experienced anything really scary with cops but have a fear of them!! I have been threatened to be taken away by then when I was suicidal but they never came. And every time I have interacted with a cop the other than so sweet and kind! I found that meeting a cop outside of their work helped me a lot! that they're real people too

  • chronicchemist


    One time I was out camping and a forest ranger pulled me over to just ask me to slow down and I started shaking and crying and said "please don't kill me officer I promise I won't speed in your forest again" 😆

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