I was born prematurely lungs weren’t developed had asthma while growing up and had to use abruderal machine growing up . Out grew it 3 days ago I became sick bad bad cough wheezing bad sore throat stuffy nose and runny nose ears are plugged and my son got it too I took him to see his doctor they told me I needed to be seen I sounded bad . I did and I have URI and got tested for Covid and flu a . My son was negative for flu A waiting on Covid . But long story short out of nowhere I didn’t feel right I couldn’t breathe chest was tight and I’m shaking broke out in hives everywhere wanted to cry because what I felt was scary . Idk if it was flare up if asthma attack ? Idk if asthma attacks cause anxiety ? I’m wheezing bad and might go in to get breathing treatment to feel better ..

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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