I’m trying really hard not to relapse but i’m 2 months into recovery and i’ve noticed myself body checking more and more. Every time i catch myself i try to stop but sometimes it’s so hard. I’m trying not to count cals or estimate and i’m doing decent with that but i’m so scared to fall down again.

Plus my adhd meds are making me not hungry which is just making everything harder.


Eating Disorder

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  • dayzed


    Try covering body mirrors if you can and eating with a friend or someone who has healthy regular eating habits can help too if you're more social. When I was living alone and had problems eating I'd watch Mukbangs and eat with them, as someone I watched would post regular and at the same time everyday it helped me a lot. I don't know your case or what helps you but having a friend or someone supporting you can help as well. Good luck, 2 months is amazing and even if it gets difficult you've come so far. Keep fighting. ☺️

  • j_Bug


    I agree that covering mirrors could be a big help! or even putting up post-it notes or silly drawings on them as a distraction. when I'm not hungry but need to eat, I find it really helpful to have a couple of default foods that don't take any energy to make or come up with- smoothies especially are easy because you can get ones with a lot of fruit and protein in them, but it's easier to drink something than eat something when you're not hungry. 2 months is awesome and i believe in you!! recovery is really hard so you should be so proud of yourself 💛💛

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