Has anyone been on this med for awhile? I just took it last night, i woke up irritable as ever and slept all day. Is this gonna get better orrr should i be concerned 😅 i’m on it for bipolar depression!


Irritability and Anger

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  • VoodooHorizon


    I just recently started this medication and boy, was it a trip. The first week was basically mania 24/7 and I started uncontrollably trembling constantly. The second week I had severe anxiety and trembling, my appetite has significantly decreased and I have made the decision to stop taking it.

    • Cvprisun


      i’ve been on it for 3 weeks now, i have NO appetite. i’m very manic at night, and the first week i took it i legit slept all week. i don’t know if i like this med at all.

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