MRI brain scan came out normal. Thank God 🙏

Chronic Migraine

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  • GigiJaye



  • evanchiladas


    any advice on how to handle MRIs for the first time? my primary and neurologist have both reccomended it for precautions but i cancel every time. i'm not sure what terrifies me more, the scanning exam or getting the results.

    • Migraineblues


      well, I didn’t know what to expect so I wasn’t tht scared for the scanning exam. I was more scared of the results at the time…. But luckily a dear freind of mine joined me and picked me up and while I was at the scanning exam I actually started to get nervous because I felt a little claustrophobic but my dear friend helped me calm my nerves and I was able to see him through this mirror that the doctor gave so I wouldn’t be so scared

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