I received bad legal news yesterday and now my dream job is more than likely over because of someone exaggerating. I had dreams of self harm and when I woke up the first time, I wanted to unalive myself. Went back to sleep and woke back up in a better mind set, but still super depressed. I told my fiancé that I’m more than likely won’t be my self for a bit. Thankfully we already agreed upon “depression meals” that I can make when I’m feeling this way. It just sucks that one persons word means so much when they didn’t even hear my side.


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  • Stronger_Now


    This happened to me too. I lost my career due to a jealous coworker and cannot do what I worked so hard for. It has been 3 years and I am still working through it. Since then it has been really tough but I have reassessed my goals, talents and ambitions. I decided to go back to school to get a new career and start over. Life is not over, you can find something new to do, follow a new passion or start a new business. This is not the end but only the beginning of a new chapter! I know because I am living it.

  • Kasi


    Thank you so much for that inspiration. I really value that. Just need to find out what else would be available.

    • Stronger_Now


      I suggest you just get a pen an paper and write what you enjoy doing. Also write out your journey from beginning to end. Reflect on your resilience through tough times and reflect on what brought you peace during the hard moments. It may be cooking, reading, writing or etc. Write with your heart and not with your mind. You will be amazed at how strong you are. It takes a lot to come back from suicide ideation. Some people don't make it, that is a victory! We live to see another day! I belive in you, our setbacks are a set up for a major come back. This is the time to strengthen your bounce back skills. You can do It. Feel free to message me anytime. I have been where you are and still on my journey but you are not alone.❤️

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