I’ve been waking up every morning and spiraling straight into an anxiety attack about money and debt. How do you manage to calm yourself down out of that?

For me, even if I can get a second to calm down, the problems are still there and I’ll never be able to catch up, and I’m just spiraling. I feel like such a waste of space because I can’t work more and afford even the basic things. And I don’t know where to go for help!

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  • PlaslyMeds


    I think it’s harder to ease anxiety about something you can’t control without ACKNOWLEDGING you can’t control it. It’s not you’re fault that you can’t work, and you are doing everything in your power to keep yourself alive and safe. Try to focus on smaller tasks you can do in the day. Give yourself another task to either distract yourself (like laundry, cooking) then do a smaller, much less daunting task (looking for alternative money makings like software testing/ website testing, etc) but for NO MORE THAN 15 minutes so you won’t spiral

    • MatchaBunn


      thank you so much for taking the time to respond! Your perspective really helped a lot. It’s hard to slow things down enough to recognize that there are many small things that can be done. And that first piece of acceptance for my situation can be so hard to reach on my own. I want to be so different, and there’s so many feelings attached to that that working through them feels like just another big task. You’ve made a huge difference in my day by taking the time to share, and I am very grateful for that.

  • KitKat1450


    I struggle with the same thing… I can barely work and if I do at most it’s about 3 hrs at a time and debt keeps piling on. It wakes me up in the morning in anxiety too. Still working on ways to help that work for me. I hate feeling helpless and hopeless so if I can I try to read or learn more about how to manage finances better or make a list of what I can do- switching certain groceries, reduce cost or energy in different areas. It helps me feel like at least I’m doing something even if it’s not actually moving the needle at the moment. I feel like it’s helping me create better financial habits in the future so I will be more capable of managing, which reduces some of the anxiety about the future. When that’s too much I’ll try to do something that makes me feel productive even if it’s done from my bed. And sometimes that is too much energy… My self worth was wrapped up in working hard so now that my ability has been drastically decreased, it’s really hard and I’m working on loving myself, reducing the feeling of needing to earn love, and finding my identity thru who God says I am instead of what I can do. I’m so sorry you’re struggling too. This one is super tough and it’s so hard for others that aren’t in a similar situation to understand the weight of it. This is such a good question and hopefully some others have more ideas.

  • Ariellie


    It's hard for most everyone right now. Middle class is shrinking & we're all just paycheck to paycheck. I struggle with this a lot, too. I know I wouldn't be here where I'm at without help from family. Can't even afford rent!!

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