I’ve only been recently dealing with heavy symptoms of schizophrenia, and i’m still new to it. I want to know if it’s normal to feel like everyone hates me and is after me. i always thought it was caused by overthinking. i feel like everyone secretly hates me even though we’re “best friends”


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  • hyaku_moon


    This is how I am too, at work (the habit burger) I feel like everyone in the restaurant is looking at me like they hate me. and I catch them looking sometimes, but I can almost feel exactly what their saying. But really,, most people really don't say anything about you in their head. A good way to identify if someone, like your best friend for example.. if they want to hangout, go eat, text back fast and in full sentences, and keep in touch with you, then I'm 99% sure they don't hate you. If you find out somebody actually really does hate you or is out to get you,, it's best to think about it as; if they don't like you and are just causing you problems, they probly weren't meant to be in your life. I hope this helped a little bit. My DMs are open if you want to talk more

  • strawberrysoop


    that sounds like paranoia, which can definitely be connected to schizophrenia! i have the same thing- i promise though, you're safe and if anyone really Does hates you (doubtful) then its their job to confront you. you don't have to worry about it!!

  • ilikeanimals


    Yup! Definitely normal! I feel like that everyday. Everyone I know with Schizophrenia has the same thing! Therapy helps a lot in my opinion, you just need the right therapist. Calming vitamins also help a LOT, very soothing and calms anxiety and paranoia which is what is causing you to feel like your closest friends hate you. I don't know you but I bet they don't hate you at all, and if they were to hate you, leave them, they don't deserve your amazingness. :]

  • Muffie


    I think it is paranoia!

  • Ravenaclaw


    Yes absolutely I actually deal with this a lot it’s not the easiest to combat that way of thinking by myself and I’m lucky to have my boyfriend help me out but I can’t put all of that on him so I also have an app on my phone called finch that has a bunch of journal entries I can do and fun little task that help me regulate and focus

  • Roboman140


    It’s paranoia it’s normal for everyone but extremely normal for schizophrenics. You just hold in there be safe and God bless you

  • Mogs


    Wait I thought this was just my adhd..

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