does anyone have severe migraines? My fiancé has had 2 episodes since april 20th where his vision goes bad and he can’t think or talk. he gets really confused and went to the ER for it. they said it was anxiety. a neurologist told him it could be bad migraines. he had an mri for it and they didn’t find anything wrong. we’re worried





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  • FireBird


    I have had chronic migraines since I was 10yrs old. I've had multiple MRI's and they all come back normal. This should be comforting because it's not a tumor or a brain bleed. It doesn't sound like anxiety related. Sounds more like bad migraines.

  • wise


    the ER writes off anything that doesn't show up on a scan as anxiety. don't bother going to the ER for anything that's not immediately visible to the naked eye. his neurologist is probably right, it sounds like he just has killer migraines. I get like that when my migraine flares really bad, but unfortunately there's not much you can do in terms of pain management. when he gets those episodes, just help him do whatever he needs to do to treat the symptoms. if you have something that'll help him sleep, sleep will help the most. Benadryl, sleepy time tea, anything to make him sleep through the pain. alternatively, a cup of coffee may help ease the pain because caffeine is a vasodilator. Dim the lights, turn off everything that makes sound, and be prepared to snuggle him to sleep. this will probably eat your whole day, but migraines are like that sometimes

  • Kai1134


    I have chronic headaches that when combined with a flare up from another condition can turn into a migraine. I'd definitely recommend anything with peppermint, whether it's actual mints(which helps with the nausea that comes with migraines), peppermint tea or even essential oils on his temples and a few drops in his hands to breathe in. Also a cold dark place is best(unless the cold makes it worse of course) and drinking cold water is said to help, if he wears glasses I'd take them off during an episode cause the auras can be worse with his eyes trying to focus through the lenses. And like Wise said sleep is your best bet at getting it to pass, even if he can't sleep just laying down is a good idea. I wouldn't recommend ibuprofen because its been known to cause rebound migraines as well.

  • AnimalBoy


    That does sound like migraines, mine had very similar symptoms and were caused by a hormonal imbalance where I had too much estrogen but I'm trans and was pre everything then, I have no idea if that could be a cause for cis men. On top of that I also lost control over my motor skills, felt numb over various parts of my body, and would often be in so much pain I'd vomit. Migraines are awful I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, I hope your husband finds a cause and treatment for his episodes.

  • Rlball


    Maybe an EEG to check for absence seizures. I take Aimovig for migraines.

    • signature_sauce


      i have absence seizures and some of the symptoms he has are the same but i know he isn’t having them

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