any lesser known endometriosis pain tips pleaseeee. i’ve tried just about all the regular tricks but if you have anything that takes a substantial amount of pain away please lmk. i’ll try anything.


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  • wise


    okay this is gonna sound weird but. I used to lean upside down against a pile of clothes or pillows because I also got really bad period poops, which also meant period gas. leaning like I'm sitting upright but literally just upside down meant gravity did all the work for me and gas could move through my belly easier. other than that, lidocaine patch over your uterus/ovaries and then lay a heating pad (or a cat, if you have one) over the lidocaine. if you don't like the heat, do the same thing but with a cold pack

  • Catmom21


    Look into changing your diet , when I took red meat, milk and other foods that have animal hormones in them out of my diet I noticed that I had a lot less cramps and the pain that came almost daily subsided astronomically. Hope this helps!

  • sweetjanelane


    Sounds too simple to work, but when I can't take the pain anymore I lay in a reclined Butterfly Pose (very Google-able) on my bed with pillows under each of my knees, and a pillow under my tailbone to elevate my hips above my heart. It's not going to fix anything--when you get up, it still hurts--but as long as I'm in that position, the pain lessens. Also, CBD:THC suppositories are so helpful, both vaginally and rectally (depending on where your endo is located). You can get these at a cannabis dispensary in legal states, or CBD-only online via Foria. They also have a CBD oil for vaginal use--helps a TON with making sex comfortable as well as somewhat with general vaginal pain.

  • sakah


    For my pain, I get horrific, excruciating pain in my lower back and in my groin too. I take a red vein kratom (Naturally Kratom is the best) and it gets rid of my pain along with boosting my mood as well! It's a natural way of getting rid of the pain. It's like nature's midol in my opinion!

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