covid quarantine made me face the reality and get diagnosed so I got diagnosed about 3 months ago and all the symptoms I was able to mask for 20+ years came running..

I’m devastated on most days and don’t know what to do 😞 I feel like I’m just feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing to fix it

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Ash.G


    I got diagnosed with ADHD 6 months before the lockdown.

    • ricecake


      how was it? I only got diagnosed 3 months ago and I still feel weird about it. I’m thinking “so is my life still possible to go on?” and “what if I somehow tricked my therapist into thinking I have adhd?”

      • Ash.G


        to be honest I had the same thoughts. But then I remembered that I masked the first time I was getting tested and so they could tell that I had problems but they couldn't pinpoint what it was. I was in grade 2 when I was first tested but I was not officially diagnosed until grade 12. I also think that I'm autistic as well because of having siblings that way and I relate to a lot of the traits of having both ADHD and autism. I was diagnosed with nvld instead though.

  • Nomi


    I got diagnosed w ADHD like 9 months ago and it's definitely been a journey. I still go between feeling at peace that I am, like, mentally left handed and feeling hopeless about it. But I keep in mind that ADHD is the most treatable mental health condition. Like, stimulants are more effective for treating ADHD than, say, any antidepressant is for depression. I know I can't change it but I'm grateful I'm alive in a time and place where treatment is accessible for me. And I realized that even though I have a disability I can still be successful with the right support.

  • cricket2022


    I was diagnosed in 2021 but not before my spouse could take no more 🥺. He dealt with me for 15 yrs. I knew something was off but ppl just kept telling me stiff like oh everyone forgets things, or everyone gets angry, everyone has sleeping problems so I masked my symptoms and tried as hard as I could to be normal. It was hard and exhausting. Though I'm getting divorced I'm glad I finally got the diagnosed and medication is helping. I was worried if my husband didn't want me no one would. This off course is a symptom of my adhd and I was sabotaging myself! I feel that thought creeping in sometimes but I push it back, I'm deserving of happiness and success in all areas of my life. It is getting better slowly.

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