does anyone else have certain foods that always make your ibs flare up? for me it’s drinking any kind of soda or carbonated drink, especially dr pepper (which is my favorite soda :(

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  • doodlydoo


    I completely cut gluten/wheat out of my diet and it has helped IMMENSELY. That and onions, garlic and corn. sometimes tomatoes too. Carbonation does irritate it ): the high amount of processed sugar probably doesn't help either lol

  • Riva


    White flour and processed carbs do me in big time

  • binkyyy


    yes same i also cut out wheat/gluten and dairy 😖 i do sometimes eat it tho but now that im more comfortable i was strictly following that diet i dont drink sodas but i know things with high amounts of sugar cause flare ups

  • Crazy_Russian


    Microwave meals and take out food cause me to have diarrhea

  • marie19


    Weirdly i have the most flare ups in the morning exclusively. Almost all breakfast foods enrage my stomach and i have to book it to the rest room 3-6 times to clear my system.

  • bomb


    soda totally doesn’t work with my guts either

  • bananaz


    Absolutely! Had IBS for years now and my list is always growing. Gluten, dairy, high fat or fried foods, additives like guar gum, carrageenan, any gums, things like that, FAKE SUGARS! Can’t stress that enough. Carbonated drinks (which usually have too much / fake sugar, including high fructose corn syrup also a trigger) and prebiotic fibers like Inulin… and too many beans and cruciferous veggies!! Especially cauliflower. But thats a given right? Try beans cooked in Kombu ☺️👍🏼 and avoid the above for a start if you have digestive troubles.

  • Macemoments


    I don’t drink soda but maybe once every few months. I will crave a diet Dr Pepper but it is terrible for you! I can’t have caffeine. Try flavor waters etc. I love water so it doesn’t bother me. I drink the electrolyte water. Sugar kills me!

  • TreSc


    😥 for me my triggers are creamer in coffee, pop (soda) which I am addicted to. I am sure there are others. Trying to figure it out because the constipation, stomach cramps, and bloating and pain, can throw me off big time.

  • Punderful_Life


    Peppers are a huge trigger for me. When I cut them out, including pepper spices like chili flakes or paprika, my episodes got further apart but didn’t eliminate them completely. Fatty foods seem to be an issue. But largely it has led me to very disordered eating because I am scared of most things because they may set me off.

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