Been on Adderall for past 5 years. Weak heart need to switch. Anyone tried Vyvance? Or other alternatives


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  • Larsen


    I enjoy Vyvance. It is more expensive but I had less side effects

  • Cybele


    Been on vyvanse for a while, it’s great! And better for long term use

  • u41c


    its fantastic if it works for u. for me it doesnt last very long but thats probably cuz i take it daily and its effects aren't as apparent if u take it frequently. the price for it should go down next year because the patent will be dropped and generics will start being made

  • Dracaryssa


    Love Vyvanse. I don't have heart issues though so I can't speak on that.

  • Spookstrrr


    Hmm. Well, I've personally been on Dexmethilphyn (I'm sorry if I completely screwed up that name spelling) and if you have a weak heart, I'd suggest staying far away from it. It made me feel like I was going crazy. One of the worst experiences with meds in my life. (The pills are also weirdly hard to swallow!)

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