im starting collage soon, what should i bring with me to help me while im there?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • drp


    Loops earplugs helped me a bit! In loud environments for studying, hanging out, etc.

  • we


    if you'll be living in a new place like a dorm - I say bring the bedding you normally use! bring your blanket, sheets, pillow + case, etc. having a familiar place to rest may be helpful! good luck!! you'll do great

  • revolutionsoup


    Loop experience earplugs are a lifesaver when it comes to loud dining halls and going grocery shopping. I’d also talk to each of your professors after your first class (or email them if you go to a big school) and notify them of accommodations you may need.

  • Isopod


    bring things related to your special interest(s)! also, bring your comforter/duvet from your bed because not only will it be a familiar thing, but it will help to cover the under-bed space from view. and i definitely agree with the suggestions of high-fidelity earplugs, my favorites are Flare instead of Loop, i just find that they work better for me. also, skincare products. inevitably, stress is going to make you break out, so best to be prepared for that. best of luck! sincerely, a fellow college student

  • chungus


    sunglasses are good for grocery stores because of the LED lights, and bring some stim toys with you if you have any!

  • Infinity


    Comfort foods!

  • Rita


    Stim tools! Whether it's a plushie that helps you be calm or a concentration putty to play with during lectures. Figure out what works best for you and do it.

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