Anyone else on Diamox? Been on it for about 6 months and the side effects are horrible


Disorders of the Visual Pathway

Pseudotumor Cerebri

Diamox™ • Type: Oral

Disturbance of skin sensation


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  • TheBigSpook


    Yes! I’ve been taking it for at least as long. My dose is 1500mg twice a day 😬 my neurologist told me it can drastically reduce the amount of potassium in your body, so I take 4 potassium supplements and so far it’s almost completely gotten rid of my side effects. My super uncomfortable pins and needles and numbness in my arms and legs went away!

  • survivor_girl96


    Hey I am on diamox as well. I take it for papilledema. It isn't working yet as I still can't see and I understand now why my mom has so many issues with her water pills. And not to mention I lost a whole ten pounds in a week 😅

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