okay, so do you guys get pains on your right side whenever you’re backed up also get embarrassed to even go anywhere and even become home bound? embarrassed to go out with friends or date because of gas and the smell.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Riva


    Yes. I get really bad pain and anxiety when I need to go. Especially if I’m at work. 😥 for me, drinking a large hot coffee REALLY fast will trigger my intestines to move before I leave to work. Some days I’m not so lucky. Especially if I’m dealing with diarrhea… my work doesn’t have the best air vent system and people are always commenting that it smells bad. I’m always embarrassed and even though it doesn’t mean it was me I always feel like it is.

    • mckaela


      I will literally hold it in and get a bad stomach ache or walk to the back if it’s bad and it’s so embarrassing

  • bomb


    My tummy hurts so bad when I have to hold stuff in. farting loudly or often in public is so embarrassing though, people think I’m so gross and say such mean things. Loud poops also suck. When my guts are bad like that I’m in a super vulnerable position and so the mean stuff hits harder. I worry that if I ever get a significant other that they’ll want to sleep in a different bed because of my gas, which is valid.. I often HAVE to use public bathrooms due to urgency. I don’t want to leave the house because at home I have my own toilet, that I can sit on for as long as I need and that nobody can hear me using. I love remote camping but pooping in the woods is a nightmare with ibs. pooping in general is typically a nightmare.

  • vanning


    I do, I actually had a huge kidney stone that was causing right side pain for months and never thought twice about it because of this

  • bananaz


    Hi 👋🏼 commenting on original post and also all these great shares, because I agree it is a STRUGGLE to be the one who doesn’t poop normally at work!! I find waking up earlier and getting to go at least once at home before going to work helps. No joke I have been so scared of going at work that I’ve gone to a coffee shop or something to be anonymous and get the hell outta there 😂 I’m not sure if I got “lucky” but my s/o has ulcerative colitis so we both have gut issues and not only understand each other but support each other when we’re having a flare up or a bad stomach day. Finding someone who gets your problems and understands it’s not under your control and wants to be there for you has helped me immensely, emotionally and otherwise, in dealing with my IBS. Find an s/o as farty as you and make jokes and be as merry as you can about a shitty (no pun intended!) situation. Best of luck, free the fart, and feel better everyone 💕

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