Tips to try to get off of Keppra?


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  • faye1


    lamictal helped me greatly. also i had a kinda bad reaction to being taken off of it. but it only lasted about a day.

  • Alyssan


    I’ve been on keppra before it has horrible side effect and also topamax

  • strugglebus


    Tell your doctor. Keppra was the worst. Another family friend told me she experienced "Keppra rage." Keppra really effected my emotions as well and I hated it. I had to slowly decrease while starting a new medication

  • magdalenx


    Keppra made me anti-social, irate, and suicidal when I was a teenager. Literally the worst. I’ve been on Lamictal since I was diagnosed and it helps but I often find myself unable to communicate or articulate emotions compared to when I am (accidentally) off my meds. But don’t ever skip Lamictal! Very dangerous

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