Where is the most research being conducted for fibromyalgia—mayo, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland, etc. I’m tired of jumping from doctor to doctor. I’m willing to travel, be poked and prodded, ANYTHING. I need ANSWERS!

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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    Following lol

  • Scijoe63


    Yea, I’ve been looking for months. Nothing yet…

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  • MamaLaura62


    Sadly I have dealt with this for 23 years and not one Dr, not one Specialist and not one Counselor has had any answers for me. I learn more from the people who are living with this than what I have learned from the medical field. Their favorite phrase is Learn to Manage it. 😥

  • Dsparda


    There’s no back/spine (or medically whatever they’re called) doctors where I live so I had to travel to Denver and stay there for a week. Jus for the doctor to tap my knee, listen to some symptoms and end the visit after, no joke, 5 minutes with the words- “seems you have fibromyalgia. It’s incurable but it is manageable. It’s going to be a lifelong battle but you will learn to manage it. Try physical therapy. Thank you, have a good one.” I don’t understand medical professionals and their indifference/lack of knowledge/rejection of fibro. I’m sorry, I wish I had the answers for you :(

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