Other than meds, are there other treatments that may help?

Chronic Headache

Ocular Pain

Pseudotumor Cerebri

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  • Doodles13


    I had 2 stents placed, it’s what has saved my vision. Meds have done nothing other than make other symptoms worse from other conditions. My headaches are still fairly bad, I use ice regularly to help with the pain, I also use a weighted eye mask for my eyes because the pain gets so bad. The next option for me is a vp shunt which we are worried about doing because of my autoimmune disease rejecting it So we are trying to hold off as long as possible

  • Livingloopie


    I know I need to get in I just really wanted 1 week break

  • EarDoc


    For me the only option was the placement of a VP brain shunt.

  • Kenney


    I have had spinal taps to drain the fluid but it just keeps coming back I’m not much help lol! But I wish you the best

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