hey!! i go by they/she, and would like to ask everyone: what motivates you everyday to get up and do something?


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  • opo


    My family, my cats, and my piano

  • ZeepZoop


    I feel like I had a realization that art is completed through people living their lives. And so I live to contribute to the artistry of the world if that makes any sense :-) to allow art to complete itself through nuance, joy, tragedy, and etc.

    • eves


      that’s rlly cool! i love how you worded that sm

  • Bd13


    My daughter, my dogs, my little brother

  • Placebo1228


    My wife... She's the only thing I'm living for rn. I know that's not helpful

  • Eltrut45


    My friends, family, and especially my future, everything i do is in pursuit of overall happiness and my goals

  • Noelle2772


    my soulmate, my future, the people im going to help with my degree im working on 💕

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