Does anyone have any tips for moderate to severe daily headaches? I have an appointment with neuro but it’s not for another month and I’m really struggling with daily functions bc of these headaches. I already take cymbalta, gabapentin, and Advil daily




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  • Girlfriend


    I make myself tea of Ginger.

  • Graysea


    Have you tried migrelief? I highly recommend

  • Scuba_Amy


    I had headaches all the time. My doc did an MRI. Found lots of gunk in my sinus’s. Used Nasacort each day for one week only. If I ever get headaches again I just do Nasacort for one week. :)

  • Machelley


    Taken advice daily is not a good idea, so bad on your stomach and kidneys. Please find a specialist.

  • Delirium


    I have EDS so maybe this doesn't happen to people who don't have it, but my chronic headaches turned out to be because of problems in my neck. Physical therapy has reduced them significantly, along with making sure I do things as ergonomically correct as possible.

  • Donkeyfarts


    Migraine protocols vary from individual to individual. What works for one person might make another person worse. It takes a lot of trial an error to find what works with your personal body chemistry. But there are a lot of options out there to try, preventatives like CGRPs, anti seizure meds, nerve blocks, Botox, magnesium. And for abortives there are a bunch of triptans that are also individual, lots of people like sumatriptan, I personally like naratriptan. A CGRP abortive called Nurtec is out there to try as well. B/c you still have a month until your appointment, things to help you through the day to day might be, using an ice pack, wearing sunglasses, turning on “night mode” or “Night Shift” on your devices so the backlight is a warmer tone and easier on your eyes. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, I fully empathize and understand what you’re going through. I hope you’re able to get helpful treatment!

  • yellow.sloth


    Are they postural? I used to get daily headaches before I started propranolol. It has been a godsend for me! Mine were worsened by movement, particularly standing or bending.

  • chronically.unchill


    I don't know about med recs, but I've found that gel-based headache caps kept in the fridge help for icing and even pressure on my head. I also have a few go-to baseball caps/visors that help a surprising amount at blocking out light when I need to leave the house or be under florescents. I also keep an eye on anything that might be causing issues physically on my head.... Ear buds, hair too heavy pulled on top of head or pulled too tight with pins.

  • Jebender


    Are you drinking a lot of caffeine, soda, or eating a lot of junk?

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