Chronic pain due to fibromyalgia. Looking for anything that may reduce my pain


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  • Jellybeans1890


    Meds always helped me the most but hot showers are super helpful for me too!

  • Nicholas


    I second what jellybeans said. Hot showers can do wonders,especially if some of your pain is due to being too tense. Helps relax everything



    Have you ever heard of ketamine therapy. It’s an outpatient treatment.

  • T3ddyb3ar


    Omg so we have a whole routine, two types of back rollers, hang upside down, heat pad, ice pack, hot bath epsom salt, ice bath, tiger balm/bengay, magnesium spray, epsom salt gel, pt stretches, Tylenol/ibuprofen, cbd/thc, sometimes exercise can confuse the pain signals but not too much or the wrong kind.. really tight pressure or really soft loose clothes, distract+lean into the dissociation, and if all else fails wiggle around and writhe in pain. Oh we are also on several prescribed meds that theoretically can also help with pain.

  • Kacylin


    Thanks for all the replies! I feel like I’ve tried absolutely everything over the years and haven’t found anything that really does the trick…as far as meds go what are u all taking?

  • T3ddyb3ar


    As far as I can remember the gabapentin, duloxetine, and trazodone all possibly have chronic pain helping properties but maybe the depakote does too? Hard to remember. A lot of meds that work for seizures/migraines/psychosis/bipolar tend to also work with chronic pain it seems.

  • Vitula


    Lyrica has been helpful for my nerve pain.

  • Sexylady


    Its all bs, and we need REAL treatments!!!



    Hot bath with Epsom salts

  • Bubbies


    It sucks but the meds hit everyone SO differently so what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. My mom couldn’t live without duloxetine but it makes me constantly throw up. Over the last 15 years the only thing that works for me is gabapentin (ER or regular) and after I got COVID last year I had to add in something else to try and get it livable and I’m on amitriptyline too. And a crap ton of supplements. 5-HTP, vitamin D was super important for me, multi vitamin, etc. Hope it helps!

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