How do you handle gaps in memory? Any tips/tricks?

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  • JojoCat


    be careful not to flood yourself / be wise, but I’ve explored memories with only somatic (body) memory before in tandem with trauma therapy. Like if there’s a time period that I don’t remember, but have strong physical responses to, then I will use therapy to soothe/heal those physical memories, even without any visual or context memories. hope that makes sense :)

    • IndigoBro


      makes sense. I think I was flooding myself before with this. I noticed because massage was/is intolerable. I am curious, what exactly do you do for somatic therapy?

  • kk062001


    I keep a timeline in my phone. my calendar is up to day and sends alerts for appointments or important phone calls/work

    • Zoinks


      Ya know what, that is a great idea. I'm going to try that!!

  • Placebo1228


    Honestly? Journaling. It's such a chore but it really helps

  • starrybun


    Really really short notes about my day in my calendar app. It can be hard to always remember to do it, especially if other parts don't know they need to do it so there are days I miss it but it helps.

  • sillyashell


    I document everything. I have a separate diary app to put all my thoughts onto because I will forget if I'm not writing things down constantly. They don't even have to be complete thoughts. Sometimes I scroll back and see "Hate my life" and I can generally get the idea things were bad at that point in time

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