There has been a strange alteration to a symptom and Im not sure how to cope with this both with my day to day and emotionally. It has given me more anxiety around sleeping. If there are any ideas on proactive measures to reduce this or even just my anxious reactions to them it can be helpful.

My psychotic features come from bipolar (which is currently medicated) and from extreme cPTSD triggers. Sometimes just hallucinations and delusions but sometimes full blown psychosis. I got injured a day ago due to someone else making a mistake and it was triggering. Blew up in stress and that night as I was trying to sleep I had voices talking to me. My entire life (even in earliest memories) they have only spoken around me. I dont know if this will be a reoccurring thing but things like this are getting worse overall. Ive been dealing with psychotic episodes for four years now but Ive just gained insight to all the damage its done so Im kind of lost on managing this while Im at home. I do not have doctors or access to them and even though I use CBD because its helpful with bipolar and even getting me to slowly come out of psychosis but it has no effect on the Sleepy Talkers. White noise also doesnt drown them out anymore.


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  • Dark_Johnny


    Hi there! You're describing some overwhelming struggles.. Do you have any support from friends or family? Have you tried any medications? Share with us so we can help you!

  • Jadie


    @Dark_Johnny right now I only have a boyfriend who I live with no family. He is well aware of my illnesses and has helped me stay safe during episodes in the past. My illnesses are mostly treatment resistant, been through all medications and had too many side effects and all that. Psychiatry failed me unfortunately. Right now what I found that works wonders for me in actually cannabis because it targets where the issues are coming from. But thats mostly on the day to day relieving anxiety and treating other illnesses. Ive heard voices all of my life due to trauma but not even a lot of CBD helps relieve it. Its not like my other psychotic features I guess? I am at a loss on how to lessen it. Thank you for responding and wanting to help!

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