I’ve been thrown everything in the book. If anyone has any out of the box ideas, I would love to know

Generalized pain

Chronic Migraine

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  • LadyBlkny


    Magnesium oil? Oregano oil? What are your triggers?

  • TunaFish


    This is my personal go-to: a cold cloth over my eyes/forehead, quiet and dark room, Tylenol with Benadryl or if you're able to go see a medical professional and ask for a Torodol injection.

    • Kriss10


      if you’re not driving ask for a Toradol cocktail. They mix it with Benadryl and a nausea medicine. Puts me right to sleep and helps kick the migraine faster I have an urgent care on my block so they’re my go to when nothing else is working

  • wise


    a salty snack and a caffeinated drink help ease the pain for me

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