These last couple days I’ve been struggling mentally because I had my first Raynauds episode/ attack… it was a complete shocker for me and I panicked.. I find myself constantly checking my hands (since that’s where it happened) and my face & feet since my doctor said it’s possible for it to happen there.. smh

Raynaud's Syndrome

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  • Rainbow_Brite


    You’ll be OK! I’ve lived with this condition for a long time and some things make it more bearable. 1) warm socks / slippers all the time! 2) gloves with those hand warmer things to put in them 3) toe warmers for inside shoes. Try to be prepared whenever you go by having some hand/toe warmers with you in a purse/bag/car when you go places in cold weather. A heated blanket also helps! ❤️

  • StormyBlue


    I remember how scary it was the first time I went through it. Rainbow Brite has great suggestions. In time you will get used to it and be prepared for it to occur.

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