Is the first meal of the day always the worse? How do you help that?


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  • Madison_harris


    I usually can only eat 1 bigger meal a day nothing really in between tho

    • Purple_Turtle


      what time of day? No snacks?

  • Madison_harris


    9am an the 23 of June no snacks

  • mamaDubbs


    I can't eat a meal until a few hours after I've been up. I start my day with a protein shake. My dietitian says it's normal for the stomach to slow down even more while you're sleeping and take a while to "wake up" , says it's typical for her gastroparesis patients to not be able to eat breakfast.

  • Tebe_kakes


    Don’t make the first meal of the day an actual meal. My doctors have advised me that small meals or snack would be better especially since I have gastoparesis. So example meal : a bowl of fruit and some water. Or a pice of toast and 2 scramble eggs (or however you take them). That may be something you can handle and it won’t feel forced.

  • MissLucy_101719


    I eat a smoothie or Popsicle first that seems to help a little bit

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