I got scammed out of a lot of money because I’m a people pleaser who panicked and did everything the thief told me to instead of asking for help. I’m still trying to figure out if I can get the charges reversed but the general consensus between customer service workers (I’ve spoken to like six) is that I probably can’t get my money back. I’m exhausted and so frustrated with myself.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • JosephOpalLover


    Don't feel bad I'm a very over trusting person as well I've been scammed out of money from fake friends I was almost in a very bad situation where I handed over the money because I was in fear of my life when going to buy something and the company that they were advertising on wouldn't reimburse me even though I was an immediate Danger when I was trying to buy something off there app. It's a very hard part of life the best way to overcome those negative feelings is to reflect on the situation like you came out with more knowledge than you going into it and knowing who to trust and who not to trust also to be very careful with people we interact with it when it comes to regards of anything financially and only trust certain people especially when you're either buying or selling anything. I wish you the best and hopefully that will never happen to you again🙏

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