What’s something you wish abled-bodied people understood?

Generalized pain

Celiac Disease

Attention-Deficit Disorder


Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Rosy_Izzy


    I wish they understand that we are not in control of our disabilities and it is harder on us than they think it is.

    • spicysugar


      right. I learned this with my partner. Masking is a thing, and people with disabilities as FREAKING GOOD AT IT with ANYTHING. Pain, mood, public interactions. At least, my partner can

  • Schiele


    Aside from the seizures I’m mostly abled, but I just really wish when myself or someone else says they can’t do something that seems simple/easy people would believe it. Sometimes I genuinely can’t hold breakables or anything more than a pound and people don’t get it until it’s on the ground because my arm gave out.

    • NyxOxis


      I really feel this,, and it makes asking for help so hard, with the fear of them judging or poking fun that you “can’t lift that”.

  • CrimsonCatalyst


    The fact that just because I look young doesn't mean that my body doesn't hurt 24/7 and that I wish people would just stop saying that I'm too young to be in pain like I say I am. Yes I know I'm too young but my body has other plans

    • skull_girl


      SAME, plus I pretty much look and act able-bodied most of the time so people think I'm overreacting...It's frustrating

  • Starlightie


    That just because they can do something no problem, doesn't mean everyone else can. I hate the condescending "it's not even that heavy" or "this is so easy". Sure, it's easy for you, congratulations 🎉, but did I ask?

  • mystical.bear


    The fact that you can't infantalize us

  • Finches_Wishes


    I wish they understand not all brains work the same, we know so little about our nervous system and brain functions that it’s almost scary. I wish they understood that everyone is doing their best in their own way

  • BenjaminDover


    When you’re depressed and anxious doing the bare minimum to try to take care of yourself pulls so much energy from you that it’s hard to maintain relationships

  • Knees


    That’s it’s not a phenomenon for a young person to have pain. And that it’s incredibly rude to stare at me because I have a cane and am not 100 years old.

  • Snapcracklepop


    That I’m not saying I’m disabled just to say it/be quirky etc I have several conditions that are considered disabilities on their own and every day is a struggle even if it doesn’t look like it from the outside

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