people with adhd, is it possible to hyper fixate on people? maybe a celebrity or even just a friend or something? i feel like 90% of my hyper fixations are on people but idk if that’s an adhd thing or something else.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Towns


    sometimes I do this with friendships/new friends. I never even connected it to my adhd before! This is so interesting

  • mitskifan


    yesss i used to do this all the time. actually before i realized i was a lesbian i would hyperfixate on men that i thought i liked and mistook that for attraction. u can hyperfixate on anything!

  • Y0g1


    Oh yeah! Being a sports fan I love watching all pro sports (mainly mens sports because accessiblity 🙄) but I hyperfixate on both sports and certain players. Doesn’t matter how good or bad the player is I just grab them and essentially put them in my front overalls pocket

  • ameliabedilia


    celebs!!! i get so hyper fixated on certain people and suddenly i can’t think of anything else. it feels impossible not to talk about them to everyone around me too! i totally get what you mean

  • vlynz


    i’ve had a hyperfixations on horror characters if that counts! my favorite is michael myers but i lovee ghostface and jason too 💗 any hyperfixation is possible!

  • itsjustjillian


    i do this all the time

  • lavvend3r


    YES. every crush or partner i ever had completely consumed 90% of my thoughts in the time i was fixated on them 😭

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