As someone with autism I used to mask so hard I stopped stimming. This was awful for me, I used to flap my hands whenever I felt so happy, but I don’t anymore cuz I forced myself to stop. Has anyone done anything similar to this? Is there any way I can get used to stimming again?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Yes! I also did this. I’m “relearning” to stim so to speak. I try to listen to certain music and just let myself do what ever. Even if it feels awkward or unnatural, just let my body find itself. It’s helped me regain some of my confidence. I hope you are able to find yours too ❤️

  • acousticcow


    I also used to repress my stims, mostly because it was bothering other people, like when i bounce my leg and it causes the nearby chairs to shake. To help me feel more comfortable stimming, I watch my favorite tv shows and I usually flap my hands when I something cool happens. I also listen to music and just pulse my body to the rhythm or sway with the music. little things like that make it easier for me to stim freely and more often

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