Hey guys, just a quick question do you think weed causes seizures? Im curious to know because i have friends that go to pretty popular neurologist around atl and he tells me that even the neurologist tell him to dont stop smoking.



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  • BrandonSay


    I don't believe it does as it is a type of depressant and this is normally the type of anti-seizure medications us epileptics are typically prescribed: depressants. My honest opinion is that it's probably a little healthier and involves less health risks and side effects with marijuana than with prescription medication. I've always felt that since the medicinal use of it was discovered, marijuana posed a gigantic threat to the pharmaceutical companies almost instantly and that's why it was so suddenly jumped up to being declared a Schedule I substance. That and the countless stories of people mixing other drugs and psychedelics etc. with it causing overdoses left and right which really gave a good plant a bad name

  • strugglebus


    It would depend on the person. It gives me migraines. But I know other people with epilepsy who use CBD (I think) oils to stop their seizures and it works immediately, and they're also safe to smoke it so. Depends on your epilepsy.

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