I get severe itching in hands and feet as soon as I try to sleep. I tried to avoid so many foods thinking it’s an allergy to someone, but nothing helped. Doctors prescribed antihistamines and these just put a bandage on the problem. I use Ice patches until I fall asleep.I wake up every night with numb arms and nothing have helped. Any recommendations?
Thank you


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  • Fernando


    Have you had an allergy skin test? It might be something in the clothes you’re wearing, your sheets, the laundry detergent you’re using, lotions, perfume, actually anything

  • Rolita


    I tried to eliminate everything from diet to toiletries. I became a vegetarian for 3 months and nothing worked. My Dr. doesn’t think it’s allergies and he thinks it has something to do with my peripheral neuropathy.

    • HisWillNotMine


      do your hands and feet burn during this time? If so, look into Erythromelalgia. If not, look into MCAS.

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