i kinda want to change to they/he pronouns but i’m a little scared. i don’t really think of myself as a guy but i want to get as far away from she/her as possible and i think he/him fits me

Gender Dysphoria

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  • ProjectSys


    oh i absolutely get that. my pronouns are they/he and i picked he for the same reason. im not a guy, not even close in fact im an enby lesbian! pronouns do not ever have to equal your gender for your own comfortability. you can use w/e pronouns help you thrive!

  • Starr_


    Try it out a bit, tell your close friends and have them use those pronouns as a trial run type thing and if you like them tell other around you that you trust. Thats what I did to find what pronouns Im comfortable with. Even if your not a guy he/him pronouns can be used on you, its whatever make you the most comfortable

  • GlitterRush


    Agree with projectsys, your pronouns don't equal your gender and if a set of pronouns makes you happy then absolutely use them. I'm trans male nonbinary and use He/Him Xe/Xem

  • Emo_Enby_99


    Try them on, and do some research on neopronouns like xe/xem.

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