Has anyone else experienced severe weight gain? I have gained 100lbs in a year and now I’m constantly in pain. I am practically immobile due to the hip, knee, and back pain. My Dr refuses to take me off or reduce dosage because of the effectiveness it has controlling my panic attacks.


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  • Roasted_marshmallow


    I did gain weight on seroquel but inside had my thyroid removed and I’m not sure which caused it. Or both?

  • WhatADay


    Yes I did gain weight too and quickly. The joint pain was bad. I might consider having the conversation again and stating how the side effects are affecting you too harshly, that you are physically uncomfortable now and if the provider is unwilling to work with you on the dosage then I would consider seeing another doctor for a second opinion because it is very possible to taper off of quetiapine and start something else

  • blu68


    🙏start telling him that your in real might need a man to take care of things so step it up

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