I have MS fatigue that is completely exhausting. I literally spend every day in bed watching TV. I have no quality of life. I want to be able to take a shower. Do my laundry. Make my bed. What meds do you take for your fatigue?

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Sandra1


    hi, how do you sleep at night? I discovered that what helped me stay alert during the day was making sure I slept at least 7 hours a night, as well as eating properly. In my blood tests, I found out that I also lack iron and because of this I have anemia which also contributed to my fatigue. Have you tried doing blood tests to see if other factors could explain your condition?

  • Joja


    I am in the same boat. I feel like I have no quality of life either. I am a 46-year-old woman, I work from home in social media so luckily I am able to do most of my work from my phone. But it also means I don’t need to get out of bed for the most part and I don’t. I have zero motivation. I don’t sleep well at night, I have a lot of pain in my legs and I’m just always so damn exhausted all I wanna do is stay in my bed. I’m sick of this whole thing to be honest

  • Loshmoe


    To Bears Mom: my ms fatigue is more cognitive than physical and I've been taking Adderall XR for years. It works great for me but getting the prescriptions is very taxing due to it being a controlled substance.

  • Wildcat


    I do a lot of watching tv myself. All I know, it is not our fault that we have this disease.

    • Nekoshi


      exactly, I feel like everyone is so different and trying to figure out how each of our bodies work is so exhausting

  • SimplyWellRenewal


    I was same way until I did alot of work on my gut health, cut out inflammatory foods, and did stem cell activation. Adding good prebotic and probotic also helped too. I went from bed ridden to being able to work full time agian. It is possible, don't give up. My functional nurse/nutrionist is amazing and taught me alot. Happy to share recipes.

    • KDaw


      please share anything

  • Chan


    I have been suffering from the lack of motivaion myself.

  • Moxie_Bluesky


    I take Modafinil (provigil) and it helps me make it through the day without feeling nervous. I’m also self employed now. I was on disability for years then my symptoms stabilized enough I decided to try going back to work. Failed a couple of times. Bosses didn’t understand why I couldn’t “work any faster”. Disclosing my condition never helped.

  • Chan



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