Anyone ever crack their sternum? I think this may have happened but unsure. I threw up really hard and the coughing sent a huge pain all over my chest that was excruciating, then shocked my nerves all the way to my finger tips and was sore for a few minutes after. I feel okay now but there is no way I didnt fuck myself up there and Im wondering if thats what happened.


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  • Rach_Liz


    That sounds awful! I haven't ever had that happen, maybe you should call your primary care doctor.

  • thistle


    Cracking like the way people crack their knuckles? Cuz yes. All the time. Mine pops a lot, but it mainly happens when my costochondritis flares up (ribcage cartlidge inflammation). If it's not normal for you it might be worth talking with your doctor. My ribcage cartlidge definitely inflames when I have frequent sneezing, coughing, and vomiting though. Riles it up. I wish you the best !!

  • Jadie


    Definitely not like cracking the way you pop you knuckles. Im not able to see doctors so I was wondering what others experience was with it and healing.

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