So I kinda disappeared after being active for a bit but I wanted to pop back in and share something.
I had asked if anybody else had dealt with bothersome nightmares while on Lamotrogine (I’m using for bipolar 1) and some people recommended minipress. Now let me tell you, using it helped tremendously. I took a nap during the day once so I didn’t take it and had horrible dreams but didn’t suffer from a single waking nightmare for weeks. I recently ran out but noticed that my nightmares are pretty much gone now. It’s been 17 days since I started Lamotrogine so if anybody else is struggling with this same issue I highly suggest you ask your doctor about minipress and wait it out for a few weeks. I just increased my dose so I’m not sure how that’ll affect my dreams now that I’m not taking minipress but so far so good.

Thank you guys ❤️


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