Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. I’ve been through 6 Doctors in 9 months and lost 75+ lbs. Now that I have this diagnosis, my latest GI doctor has blown me off and told me ‘call if you get worse’ while my Primary Care doctor is telling me I’m in the ‘severely malnourished’ category and if I lose anymore weigh I’ll end up in the ER. Now I’ve started to have some low blood sugar episodes, blackouts, and hair loss. Any tips on how to know how worried to be? Seems like some doctors are worried and others aren’t…. 😔 Also any advice on dealing with the hair loss and blackouts?



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  • elo2002


    I was in the same boat. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but you may need a feeding tube. I had one and there not that bad just a little uncomfortable

  • Natiemima


    Getting a new doctor who actually listens to you is a game changer. I would definitely recommend looking for a new doctor. by the sounds of it you might need a feeding tube. I personally have had one for almost 2 years now and it makes it so I can actually gain weight again! it's scary but can be really beneficial. as for hair loss I take biotin, it takes about a month to start working but taking it daily has really helped me personally.

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