Been experiencing diarrhea over a year along with appetite loss anyone else having these issues?

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Chronic Diarrhea

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  • Trainwreck


    Diarrhea is depressing! I’ve been dealing with various forms of it since 1978! Doctored for years…was diagnosed with celiac disease(1990) and a parasite infection (treated with antibiotics)and when that diet failed, diagnosed with IBS. Seen many gastro’s, many colonoscopies, drugs, diets! Nothing was helping. My last gastro(celiac specialist) after a extensive testing, felt I didn’t have celiac disease but nothing else to help me with other than antidepressants!!!!!! Had tried that in past too and was a fail. I left gastro’s to research alternatives/holistic and learned a lot. Tried FODMAPS, SCD diet, eliminating nightshades, lectins to investing in a leaky gut program (2015). I had so many food intolerances too and indigestion/reflux. Finding clean supps was a challenge. Found Dr. Mercolas probiotic and digestive enzymes to help. This program included a Facebook group and as this program was a fail for me(I was histamine intolerant and all the fermented foods aggravated my D) members directed me to the Medical Medium. I also had bowel leakage but found fluoride was cause and invested in Berkey filtration system with future filters and a fluoride free diet ended that issue. But have finally been into ing my D issues/digestion with the MM protocols. We’re all different to what resonates and what we’re comfortable to try. I was desperate and, at first, felt the MM was another scam! But with more researching, questioning truly believe not a scam and by my healings of other issues and D improvements, know it is not a scam! I follow him on Instagram/Facebook. Read all his books, has info online. On Instagram I follow “celeryjuiceheals” to read of so many who have been struggling with various chronic illnesses are healing! It’s not an easy-peasy program/diet. From the beginning of my D….All I ever wanted was a drug to stop it! Never found one other than Imodium or generic forms but was not designed for long term use and eventually had to take over ten pills and wasn’t doing the job anymore. Research the MM answers for diarrhea. His source of advanced medical info may scare you …. I trust in God and he created our body’s and after all I went thru almost 40 years of doctoring… his info makes the most sense and I am healing! Here us some basin info…hopefully it will resonate with you! https://www.medicalmedium.com/thyroid-healing-medical-medium/chronic-diarrhea

    • Trainwreck



    • Trainwreck



  • xcamposjr


    I’ve had diarrhea since 3/11/2022 due to cancer medications that I was taking and Juicing celery has definitely helped with issue. Still not back to normal but it’s definitely getting better.

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