im not ready for the real world. i'm a horrible driver and still barely know the rules, i cant go anywhere unfamiliar without panicking, i've never had a job, i'm going to art school so i'm barely gonna have any money. i've been so focused on getting over my past, my depression, and my anxiety that i haven't even begun thinking about the future. and yet im being thrown out into the real world in a year. everyone else seems to have a plan for what they're gonna do. and i'm over here shaking and heart racing because getting gas at night was too much for me. i'll probably have to live with my parents bc i can't handle this and that feels so pathetic. i'm not ready, im so scared, im so behind😭😭

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    Many adults aren’t good drivers or they won’t drive at all due to anxiety. The biggest thing with driving is that you need to be comfortable and that comes with a lot of practice. It always seems like everyone has their future planned out but things don’t always go to plan, so don’t worry about moving out and driving too much. I’m 22 now and I know so many adults in very different places in their lives and that’s completely okay. Put your mental health first and work on a goal at your own pace. Also klonopin is a medicine for anxiety and it’s done wonders for me to help me work and drive in big cities, maybe talk to your doctor about this kind of medicine. I hope this helps! :)

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